7 Stunning Valentine's Day Flowers You'll Want to Send This Year

Fill this valentine’s day with love and compassion, get your valentine day flower delivery in Shippensburg PA and surprise your loved ones.

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Valentine’s Day is celebrated every year across cultures, and countries around the world. February 14th, is known to be the day of romance, love and passion. All that you need to celebrate this day is a date, some flowers and a sweet surprise. Not just surprises, Valentine's day is actually about making them feel special and loved.

Here are some unique valentine flower arrangements that you will love from fishers florist shop

Bunch of Blooms

For valentines people usually go for red roses, big and blossoming. And you can too go with a bunch of roses, but this bouquet right here is a mix of vibrant colors, a rather modern take on traditional valentine flowers. With flowers like gerberas, asters, green poms and carnations. The color scheme in this one is unique with lime greens, yellows and reds. These colors together bring out boldness and pop of color.

New Beginnings

Just as the name suggests if you are planning to profess your love this Valentine, then go for a sweet bouquet like this. This way you can express your feelings and be subtle about it. This can be a lovely surprise with flowers like white roses, yellow Gerbera daisies, Delphinium, Orchids, solidago and green fillers.


Rainbow glow

If your partner appreciates color, then this surprise is for them. A bouquet full of assorted alstroemerias along with white mini roses, orange or coral roses. Alstroemerias symbolizes devotion, friendship and prosperity. This romantic flower for your lover would be a fresh take on Valentine’s day flowers which you can easily get in Shippensburg PA florist.

Sunflower Bloom

This bouquet right here is again very different from regular valentine flower bouquets, you will find little red in here because this one is a big bunch of sunshine. The flowers in here are Sunflowers, yellow roses, green fillers and red hypericum berries. Organized in a short square clear glass vase, this is a great surprise if your partner loves yellow or sunflowers in general. It works best as a morning surprise which will bring a big smile to their face and brighten their day up.


Classic Romance

A tall vase filled with beautiful flowers like red roses and pink asiatic lilies along with white delicate baby breath to fill in any gaps. This bouquet is perfect for any date night, pair this with a lovely gift and memories of the past. Flowers for the longest time have been a source of beauty and a medium to express your emotions, giving flowers to your loved one is like a warm embrace.


Coral crush

Talking about uniqueness, this bouquet is a combination of both modern and traditional elements. With coral roses arranged in a glass vase these flowers are more than a dozen and symbolize enthusiasm and desire.

Unforgettable moment

The journey of love is full of moments that you could never forget, this valentine’s recall those bitter sweet memories of your togetherness. In this bouquet you will get elegant flowers like white, blue and lime green hydrangeas. Along with white roses, snapdragons and to add some drama curly willow.


Fill this valentine’s day with love and compassion, get your valentine day flower delivery in Shippensburg PA and surprise your loved ones.

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